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Monday, October 19, 2009

Some Thoughts From A Free Agent In The Radio Biz


It has been awhile since I have blogged and since I have a slue of free time I thought I would share a few things with the world...

It has been almost six moths since I cracked the M.I.C. @ KSLZ "Z1077" in the STL and a lot of people are still asking the question "What Happened Why Aren't You On Air"? Well... lets just say I wasn't fired and I didn't quit. The company I worked for that owns KSLZ had some budget cuts back in April. I wasn't the only one that lost my job. As many as 30 people were cut here in St. Louis and around 3500 were let go nation wide. The economy had a roll in this and a large amount of talented people lost their jobs and are still without work.

I have been keeping rather busy... "FUN FACT"... I started my radio career as a club DJ and I continue to DJ at a handful of night clubs throughout the LOU each week. As far as radio goes... Everyday I send out demos across the nation. I have had a few offers here and there but nothing set in stone as of right now.

I have been in radio for 10 years now and this was actually my first time losing a radio job. I understand the reasons why and I certainly don't take it personal. They say you haven't truly worked in radio until you have been let go lol so I suppose "I have truly worked in radio" now. I'm blessed to have an ample amount of wonderful friends in the radio business that have supported me these past 6 months and I am truly grateful for them! I've actually had more people in the industry that I've never met before reach out to me in the past few months than anything. It just goes to show how much of a family we really are in this biz.

The fact of the matter is I am without a doubt ready to get back on the airwaves soon! It's all about marketing yourself and being more than just a "personality". You have to truly live the lifestyle and show the world why you are someone that could be an asset to their company or radio station. Get out there and HUSTLE everyday until you finally land that next gig!

I know there are others in the radio biz that are currently unemployed like myself and I hear way to many negative attitudes. Some say they will never work in radio again! These are the ones that weren't meant to do this for a living. I understand how it feels to be let go when your on top of your game trust me. I held down the #1 spot for 3 1/2 years and had some of the highest ratings in the stations history and had to be let go. You cant take it personal what so ever. I had to tell myself this when it sank in that I was no longer able to do what I love for a living in a city that I love and have great respect for. I am on the grind everyday and eventually I'm sure that will pay off.

The bottom line is have faith and pose a good attitude and do what you have to do to win! I remember in college my professor had this note above his desk with the 10 two letter words of success and it read "If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me" and that quote hasn't left my mind since reading it for the very first time because its so true!

So for now I will be on the streets of the STL and in the clubs doing something I love to do and look for me in the airports traveling from city to city in search of my next radio gig! With a little faith, wonderful friends and family and hard work I pray it wont be long before I'm back to dominating the airwaves once again!



"ChAnCe FaVoRs ThE PrEpArEd MiNd" Louis Pasteur

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Skinny On HaZe’s Career

My journey began in Manhattan ... can you believe it? Well, actually it was the "Little Apple" in Manhattan, KS at KJCK, The Big Kat 975. Then I ran into one of the best programmers in the biz, Jay Michael’s, and he told me to pack my bags and head to Austin, TX, where I rocked the airwaves as the late night dood at KDHT HOT 933! After keeping it weird in the ATX and partying a lot, I headed back to my hometown in Wichita, KS and helped PJ and the crew launch CHANNEL 963. I was actually the first personality to debut on the station back in 2005. With the success of Channel 963 being launched, Jay Michael’s gave me a shout and needed help launching WZNR, The New Zone @ 1061 In Norfolk/Va Beach, so I headed east and spent over a year in drive-time in Hampton Roads. In 2006, Tommy Austin gave me the chance to win at KSLZ Z1077 in St. Louis and I had been there holding down the #1 spot at night up until the recent Clear Channel layoffs in April. I’m am a free agent in the radio world and am ready to dominate the airwaves and hold down the #1 spot once again stay tuned!

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