Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Skinny On HaZe’s Career

My journey began in Manhattan ... can you believe it? Well, actually it was the "Little Apple" in Manhattan, KS at KJCK, The Big Kat 975. Then I ran into one of the best programmers in the biz, Jay Michael’s, and he told me to pack my bags and head to Austin, TX, where I rocked the airwaves as the late night dood at KDHT HOT 933! After keeping it weird in the ATX and partying a lot, I headed back to my hometown in Wichita, KS and helped PJ and the crew launch CHANNEL 963. I was actually the first personality to debut on the station back in 2005. With the success of Channel 963 being launched, Jay Michael’s gave me a shout and needed help launching WZNR, The New Zone @ 1061 In Norfolk/Va Beach, so I headed east and spent over a year in drive-time in Hampton Roads. In 2006, Tommy Austin gave me the chance to win at KSLZ Z1077 in St. Louis and I had been there holding down the #1 spot at night up until the recent Clear Channel layoffs in April. I’m am a free agent in the radio world and am ready to dominate the airwaves and hold down the #1 spot once again stay tuned!

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